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STAR WARS Ep. VIII The Last Jedi

I was truly honored have been part of this show as a digital environment artist at BASE FX Studio (job for ILM), a dream come true. I was responsible for developing digital matte paintings, and completing the shots with 3d projections with set extensions, modeling and pre-comp.

Luke's The Second Lesson to Rey. For this scene I made concept and matte painting of the sunset sky, testing different moods for the final comp. I used Photoshop and Nuke for this one. My Supervisor was Ting Lo.

The Broom's Kid, Strong in the Force.
For this scene I made all the shot sequence. I did 3d set extension of the barn using digital matte painting and uv-texture projection, I modeled some props and some mountains for the scene. Night sky is a big 16k Matte Painting with several layers, combining different kind of stars, clusters and haze/atmospheric gradients layers. I finalized the shots at nuke doing a precomp file approved for my dmp supervisor Timothy Clark and The VFX Supervisor Sean Stranks.

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